Introduction for Youli Control Valves Supplier:

Since its establishment in 1975, YUATSUSEIKI has specialized in the design and manufacturing of all kinds of control valves including flow control valves, pressure control valves, direction control valves...etc.

"Professionalism, Innovation, Breakthroughs and Service" have always been the motivating ideals behind YUATSUSEIKI, guiding it through the vicissitudes of development to the point now, where it stands strong. The control valve company has always invested heavily in R&D, and continues to broaden its scale.

Through ceaseless pursuit of heightened technology, the R&D team consolidates all its experience and theory to meet increased demands for functionality. Distributed throughout a wide international market, YUATSUSEIKI hydraulic control valves possess a competitive advantage in terms of quality and price.

As it rises to meet a competitive future YUATSUSEIKI is armed with a highly capable, professional staff that will do whatever is required to make strides in the industry.

Facilities of Control Valves Manufacturer:

YUATSUSEIKI spares no cost in procuring the best manufacturing equipment. It is set up with CNC Machining Centers, Lathes and High Pressure Cleaners. With a highly experienced team of technicians commanding of a comprehensive range of processing equipment, YUATSUSEIKI stands firm on a solid foundation.

YUATSUSEIKI is constantly raising its manufacturing standards, which gives it a firm grasp on quality control. At each stage of production, technicians pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that YUATSUSEIKI products meet the finest tolerances of precision.

R & D:

The functionality and quality of YUATSUSEIKI hydraulic control valves give it a healthy share of the international market, a direct result of more than 20 years technical promotion. Reaching beyond its rich technical background, YUATSUSEIKI is consistent in its analysis of raw materials, hydrodynamics and hydraulic systems. Applied theory allows the company to offer new heights of advancement throughout machinery industries, a contribution it pursues with intensity.

Quality of Control Valves:

"The Pursuit of Quality" is a consistent tradition at YUATSUSEIKI. The strictest checks and standards have always been applied to each and every product that comes off the line; which is subjected to scrutiny in all stages of production. The company's QC department employs the finest diagnostics and measuring instruments in its checks for leaks, flow capacity, pressure, mechanical smoothness, etc. Duplicate testing on all control valves is what allows the company to guarantee its products. "Quality, the Life of Enterprise" is a driving ideology at YUATSUSEIKI, and brings it an esteemed reputation in the hydraulics industry for its high standards for quality.