Pre-Fill Valves
Application: As Check valves for free flow in one direction and blocked flow in the opposite direction. As Pre-Fill valves in the press controllers for further-suction and emptying the press cylinders when closing and opening in rapid traverse. Zero leakage in the blocked direction.

Surge-Free Decompression Function With Pre-Fill Valves: Pre-Fill valves are available without and optionally with hydraulic pre-relief. In the case of the standard version without pre-relief, ※ decomperssion takes place via a directional control valve with an up-stream orifice or throttle until there is complete decompression in the cylinder. Decopression takes place automatically in valves with.

The feature of Pre-Fill Valves is compact construction, available for large flow, no leaking. It must leak the pressure before turning on.

The function of Pre-Fill Valves is a drain valve between hydraulic cylinder and tank.

During operation in a large pressure mechanism, it needs to suck oil from tank to hydraulic cylinder. While pressurizing, it prevents the oil flowing from hydraulic cylinder to Tank. When reversion, hydraulic cylinder will make oil draining to tank.